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Max Ott, BA(Hons) Freelance Photographer. His Highly Commended body of work “Loitering” deals with Youth Culture in rural Ireland. Max mainly works within the Genre of Staged Photography. He is also Available for Commission

Photography is my passion.

What I really find quite fascinating about photography is that images can change the world. Shape our knowledge about different cultures and societies. How messages can be delivered through an image so vividly that it doesn’t even need words to describe it. It really is true “a photograph says more than a thousand words”.
I also really like being creative. Images constantly rush through my head. It drives me crazy if I can’t recreate the thought, that was just at a glimpse in front of my eyes. Photography is so vast.
Covering almost everything there is to photograph. Unfortunately I will probably be 6 foot under before I can fully master every aspect of this craft. For now I will give my best to create as many different photographs as possible. I don’t want to put a specific genre onto my work as I don’t want to limit myself. The options are endless and so is my hunger for photography.

Thanks for stopping by my webpage. I hope you enjoy my work. If you are interested in working with me you can find my contact details in the contact section on this page.

Qualified photographer

 I qualified as a photographer with a distinction Diploma in 2014. I am now doing my (Hons) BA. So my knowledge is constantly expanding.

 German work ethnic

 I was born in Germany and lived there for 14 years. Both my parents are German. I was taught to always work at my full potential and always try to aim a bit higher.

Zero paperwork

All work is digital So no messing with endless paper-stacks. Unless you want some prints of my work which is also possible.

Friendly and energetic

I’m always happy to be working as a photographer so your guaranteed a bright smile and a happy working environment.

Creative ideas and open to your input

 When i’m working with somebody I always want to make sure I’m creating there vision of the subject and to satisfy the client. But i’m also open to any input the client has.

Mobile and flexible

 I’m flexible for appointment times. Have my own way of transport and also a mobile studio so there is no excuse why we shouldn’t work together.